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Ipad or iPhone

Desktop or Laptop only.


Demo Files Readme


In Demo mode you can:-

1. Have only 8 Competitors

2. Have only 8 Events

3. Have only 2 Shows.

For more information go to:  help@walessolutions.com.au


When you download the Demo File from our website there are some sample files for you to import into our Demo Eisteddfod.


–Windows Version:

Click on the file Install Eisteddfod.exe. Answer Yes to the  “User Account Control” with regard to installing the program.

Setup a desktop shortcut for the program.

If you are happy with the next window “Ready to Install” go Install.

Click Finish to exit the installer.

You will be asked “Do you want this app to make changes to your device?”

Answer, “Yes”

This will open up the main window. “Click on Use in Demo Mode” bottom Left hand side of the window Logo.

You will then be taken to the “Main Window or Dashboard”


After you have become familiar with the program it is now time to either add contestants and events or you can import from the sample files.


Refer to Documentation at " Getting Started" Follow the Links to setup your documentation.




Some basic tips using Filemaker:


1. Once you commit a field or entry that is leave the window ~ you have no undo’s. You will have to re enter the fields. Top of screen right hand side “Edit” if there is a undo.

2.Make sure you have selected a field to make it active. Although the field is highlighted it may not be the active field.

3. “Dashboard” make sure you have selected the “Show” you want to work on. This is indicated by a bar to the right of the Show’s Name.

4. On the windows bottom left hand corner you will see 100 & a minus – and a Plus +. These “increase” or “decrease” the size of your            screen picture.

5. Browse indicates the mode you are in.



If you are excited about using "Eisteddfod" then once the $ has been paid you will be sent a 16 digit code to unlock the program along with hosting details if using in Cloud Mode.









Have Fun



For more information on Filemaker go to http://www.filemaker.com/support/

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