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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the platform for the program?

A: A data base program.  Filemaker Pro. A subsidiary of Apple Inc.


Q: Who designed the software?

A: Designed by W.A.L.E.S Solutions, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Australia and Engineered by Digital Fusion Australia & New Zealand.


Q: What is the "Cloud"?

A: The cloud, simply, refers to software and services that run on the Internet instead of your computer.


Q: Program hosting?

A: For best results we recommend that the program is hosted externally on the Cloud, the Cloud is similar to a website and is accessed by the Internet. Internet access is required.


Q: Why host on the cloud and not on a computer?

A: By hosting on the cloud this allows multiple users to access the program at the one time so that all changes that are made are made on the one program. Changes to the program, can be made by one Section Head who makes changes to their section, whilst the same can be happening with another Section Head doing change to their program. With only one program less errors are likely.


Q: Can I use the program on my local network?

A: Yes. You will need to buy the program outright and a copy of FileMaker pro. You can then use up to 5 concurrent connections to the program plus iPad's.


Q: What is the security of the program?

A: It is User name and password protected.


Q: Is there only one level of security?

A: Each user is given an unique user name and password.


Q: Can each user access the whole of the program?

A: Yes


Q: Can I set up different Users to edit only sections of the program?

A: There is a Super User or Administrator, who controls who has access to what areas.

By allocating a User Name and password to a user you have control over the User Name and Password which will stop your users from using simplistic passwords eg: 111111, password etc..


Q: What is the different levels?

1.Super Users is the only one who can make changes to the program,

2. Users can do everything except alter the program.

3. Judge do the judging only.


Q: How many computers do I need?

A: You need at least an iPad, but 1 or 2 desktop/laptops depending on the number of entries the show has.


Q: As it is an Apple product do I need to have a Apple computer?

A: No the Filemaker program is cross platform and will work on Windows 7 and above, Linex and IOS 10.5 and above.


Q: I notice in your demo module the sections all have running numbering, why?

A: The reason for the consecutive (almost) numbering is that during keying in data entry it is much easier to type 115 than AA 15. Each event must have a unique Identity. However if Organisations wish to continue with Alpha and Numerical numbering the program will adapt. We have worked on the basis of what is easiest for you the user.


Q: Do I need to rewrite my whole program?

A: This a Yes/No answer. Most Organisations have their program in MS Office document either MS Word or Publisher. The basis for the data in the program is a Spreadsheet. So your program would need to be setup in a spreadsheet format.

A Sample spreadsheet template is available at “Setup – import data” or from the website www.walessolutions.com.au. This, once setup, can be used to set the schedule as well as do a prize money, ribbon and trophy count.

By using the one document for schedule and program less errors are likely.


Q: I do not have access to MS Office and I use a Mac computer.

A: There is a program called “Numbers” which is a spreadsheet program. You open the sample spreadsheet with “Numbers” and when finished export as “CSV” Format.


Q: Where can I get a copy of MS Office?

A: If you are a “Non for Profit Organisation” (NFP) you can get a copy of office from http://www.connectingup.org plus other software and hardware which companies donate at various times and can be purchased at a reasonable price. Otherwise from your nearest retailer.


Q: I have another spreadsheet program can I use this.

A: Yes if it can open the Sample spreadsheet and export the file as a CSV format.


Q: Can the program set up a Event schedule?

A: Yes – Reports – Event Schedule. This is not for everyone, but is included. It can also double as a contestant list once the contestants are entered.


Q: Can the program do results for media organisations?

A: Yes – Reports – Media Report.


Q: Can the program keep a list of members?

A: Yes – Reports – Members.


Q: Can I print members’ letters and membership cards from the program?

A: No. You can export members to a spreadsheet and use 3rd party software to do this. Eg: MS Office  - Word – mail merge.


Q: Can I use the program to do billing and accounting?

A: No. There are dedicated software program out there that do the job much better. If required the program can be linked to accounting software eg: Zero, Quick books etc.




Q: I have had a look at the spreadsheet setup. I am only a novice at this position and do not have the skills to setup the program. Where can I find help with this?

A: WALES Solutions can do the setup for you. Please contact us. info@walessolutions.com.au


Q: Can I enter directly into the program - Events and Contestants?

A: Yes.


Q: I have setup the spreadsheet as per the template what do I do now?

A: Setup - Import Events or Contestants. See our page on setting up your show.


Q: We missed an event/added an event, how do we add this event.

A: You simply work out where your event sits in the events list. EG: if it needs to go between 234 and 235 you add an event - in event number, call it 234.1, this will set it up in between 243 and 244. If you need to add multiple events just add Event No. Plus .2, .3, .4, .5 etc.


Q: Alpha and Numerical Numbering we have printed our schedule - is too late to use your program?

A: No The program can work with Alpha and Numerical numbers eg: A1, A2, A3 etc. However when using low numbers it is important to add “0” to the number as the program recognizes numbering lowest to highest. If you have 20 events then you number A001, A002, A003….. A010, A011 A012 etc.


Q: The program is called "Eisteddod", why?

A: The program was originally designed to run an Eisteddfod. During the design I realised that the Eisteddfod had many of the same characteristics as many other events, Agricultural Shows being one of them.


Q: So it could run my Local Church Flower Show?

A: Yes, the same criteria with setup is required.


Q: I notice in the testimonials that you mention a label printer. Do I need a label printer?

A: For best results yes. However you can use plain paper or sheet labels instead.

Q: Where do I get a label printer and what type do I buy?

A: The program is setup using a “Dymo” 450 label printer using large address stickers 99012.  The labels can be stuck on jars etc and pinned to handicrafts. They are quick and easy to apply and easy to see for the judges and stewards. However the page setup can be set to any size label.

NB: if using these labels it is best to know how many entries you have had in the past and order enough to get you through the event with some left over.*




Q: Can the scoring system to reflect some events are judged on points and others on 1st, 2nd & 3rd?

A: When you import your events into Eisteddfod you set the options for the most common results eg: 1st, 2nd & 3rd where 1st is a lowest score. If you are judging on highest score then you set to highest score. If you have a mix of scoring types then you change the default in Event Settings.


Q: The judge has awarded a equal first and then second and third.

A: The program cannot award these placings. It will award Equal first but then the next placing will be 3rd. Ditto for equal 2nd or 3rd.


Q: We Award up to 5 places can your program do this?

A: No, currently 3 places only, but can be added if required.


Q: We have several sections being judged at the one time. How do we manage this?

A: With cloud based or networked program quite simple. You use iPad or laptop computer and enter the judging results as the events is being judged - on site. This can be done for each sections of the show at the same time.


Q: We have an event that consists of 2 parts where the total points are added together to get the winner, how do we set this up?

A: You need to create the Events in your setup. EG: Champion; the events would need to go before Champion. If Champion is Event 267 your compulsory events Numbers could be 266.1 & 266.2. These points would carry forward to the Event 267 and judged.


Q: We have many events that are held in different locations/suburbs. Can your program still do the judging and results?

A: Yes if the program is hosted on the cloud. You can access it from anywhere. The only restriction is that you need an Internet Connection at all locations eg: WIFI. To print out hard copy or prize cards you will need the appropriate hardware at that location. Printer etc.


Q: We have purchased the stand-alone program how do we do the judging?

A: You need to take the program to the event. If it is hosted on a laptop you can take the laptop to the judging area, or you can print out the judging sheets and enter later.


Q: Prize cards. Can I add my own design to be printed out?

A: Yes, Currently there are 2 sizes of card A5 and A6.


Q: Prize Cards. What are the options with the card printing?

A: Currently there is only one option and that is to print the whole of the card once judging is complete on blank stock. Other options to be considered are:

 a) Print only the results on an already printed card.

b) Print all but the winner on an already printed card. This would mean that the cards can be printed relative to the number of entries.

Pro’s: Organisers can bulk order the stock and overprint the class details on the cards. Cons: As this would need to be done prior to the show there could be wastage, this would have to offset against cost of printing cards etc. It would depend on the number of entries and resources available both electronic and human.


Entry Fees


Q: We have a different entry fee for different classes. Can the program handle this?

A: Yes the entry fees are part of the setup and the fees can be set up then. Or if there has been a change or error in the setup the entry fee can be changed in Events – Event Settings.


Q: We have different entry fee prices for Patrons, Members and General Public. Can the program handle this.

A: No. But can be added if required.


Q: We have a flat entry fee. EG: $5.00 covers all entries to the certain sections of the Event. How do we add this?

A: Create a New Event Give it an easily remembered number. This is then entered as an event. EG: 2000 Entry Fee. $5.00. In the spread sheet setup put $0 in entry fee column.



System Requirements

OS X El Capitan v10.11 (64-bit only)

OS X Yosemite v10.10 (64-bit only)

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 8.1 Standard

Windows 8.1 Pro

Windows 8 Pro

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate

Windows 7 SP1 Professional


Q: Can I buy the program outright?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I have access to the cloud-based program 24/7?

A: As cloud hosting is not cheap we are endeavoring to keep cost down by only using the cloud when needed.

Organisations can purchase cloud hosting, through us it is $130** per month. Or you can be part of a shared network.


*    Prices are indication only -  please check your local supplier.

**   Price are correct at 21/11/2016

***  Price are correct at 21/11/2016

A: Reports - Judging sheets. Gives you a manual sheet for your steward to write in the results and the results are then entered later into the program. You could also host the program on a laptop and take the laptop to the judging area


Q: We are old school and would like a hard copy of results as they are being judged, how do we do this?

A: Reports - Judging Sheets or you could print out the relative pages in the Reports - Event Schedule


Q: The Judge has Awarded Highly Commended can the program add this Award?

A: Yes as many Highly Commended can be awarded as required.


Q: Can the program add Champions and Print the Prize Cards?

A: Yes. Events that are required for Champion need to be setup either in the spread sheet or Event settings. All winners from these selected events will automatically be entered into the Championship event.

The program is designed to accept first place's only.  If you need to add a contestant to the Championship then you need to manually enter that competitor into the event. This would occur where the best 2 exhibits/competitors are from the same event and the Judge as decreed that the 2nd placing in event that the Champion was selected from is Reserve Champion.


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