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New Contestant.


 Cloud hosting of the program allow time for the event to register. Depending on your internet speed. If you enter entries too quickly you will get errors.



Contestants Entry Field: (Figure 1). To add a Contestant you simply click the button. This opens up the  window where the contestants details are entered. NB if using cloud based file it is important to allow for lag time. This can vary depending on the speed of the internet, otherwise you will end up with a bunch of "New Contestants" You can do a search for "New Contestants"  (Figure  2) in the search bar and enter the details.

There are many fields to fill out (Figure 2a) - For an individual You need to fill out only 3. Given Name, Family Name and City. All the rest can be filled out later but these 3 fields are a must. If the Entrant is a Business or Company then enter them in the Family Field plus the City field.


– Actions Duplicates: (Figure 3) If you have members of the same Family name you can duplicate all other fields by - Actions - Duplicate Contact. You do not have to enter the DOB if over 18 or it is not required.

Date of Birth: (Figure 4) Default 1st August for Age rollover.


Actions Delete Contestant: (Figure 3) Deletes the active Contestant

Address: You have 2 options. 1 is where they live. 2. Postal for Post boxes etc.

Members: Tick this box if the Contact is a member. (By ticking this box you will be able to print out a list of members in Reports)

Pseudonym: Band or Group Name

Guardian: For Under 18's If entered by a School or someone legally responsible for the Contestant.



There are 2 Options for entering an Event (Figure 6)

1. Type in the Event Number

2. Use the drop down list.


Once the event is selected and checked that it is the correct event. Press the Blue button to add the event and so on.

NB:You must press the  + to add the event not enter or return.


– Multiple Entries: Should you attempt to enter the Contestant twice in the same event a popup will appear (Figure 7).



To allow the Contestant to enter the event or have items in the Event more than once you need to go to Events - Event Settings and select the “Allow Multiple Entries” and tick the box (Figure 8)


– NB: If your event allows multiple entries in events then in “Setup - Show Settings” you can select the “Allow Multiple Entries” and this will then apply to all events. If you require selected events for multipule entries then follow the above instructions. It must be done prior to importing. If it is not done and you haven't made changes to your program you can re import your data. Select Don't Delete in the window. (Figure 8a)





Summary Tab



– The Summary Tab: (Figure 9) Gives the details of the Event Number the contestant has entered, The description of the Event, Competitor Number in the Event, Event Type and Entry fee Paid. A Garbage Can to delete and incorrect entry.


Summary Sheet - Print


– Print: At the bottom of the summary sheet is the Print Button (Figure10) when this is pressed 3 options are presented.


– Summary Sheet:–Page Summary: This can be handed to the contestant for them to check their details on entry and to redeem their entries at the end of the show. (Figure 10)



– A4 Labels: Currently set for printing of plain paper using A4. These can be  saved as a PDF and emailed to competitors to put on their entries. (Figure 11)



–Label maker Labels: This feature is available for a label Printer. e.g.: Dymo 450 using large address labels. Other label makers can be configured as required. (Figure 12)





– Competitor number: is the order in the event you are entered in the contest. This can be changed (see Events)


– Drill Down to next Level:  Events: By clicking on the blue arrow you will be taken to another level on the program. (Figure 13)



Here you can put extra details such as:- Trade Exhibitors Site locations, Stalls (Livestock) (Figure 14)

It is a good idea if you add an "Event" EG: Trade Stall exhibitor outdoor 3m x 3m unpowered. Or Stable Number for livestock.



Summary Sheet shows location of area or Stable or anything else you want to add.

To return to “Contestants” click the “Back Button” To add another Item for that competitor  click the  in (Figure 15).




– Summary Sheet: Print out to be given to the competitor. Contestant Summary Print.


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