(Figure 1) (Figure 2)

Contestants Entry field (Figure 1). To add a Contestant you simply click the + button. This opens up the below window where the contestants details are entered. NB if using cloud based file it is important to allow for lag time. This can vary depending on the speed of the internet, otherwise you will end up with a bunch of “New Contestants” You can do a search for “New Contestants” (Figure 2) in the search bar and enter the details.

New Contestant Tab.

(Figure 3)

There are many fields to fill out (Figure 4) - For an individual You need to fill out only 3. Given Name, Family Name and City. All the rest can be filled out later but these 3 fields are a must. If the Entrant is a Business or Company then enter them in the Family Field plus the City field.

Actions Duplicates: (Figure 4) If you have members of the same Family name you can duplicate all other fields by - Actions - Duplicate Contact. You do not have to enter the DOB if over 18 or it is not required.

Date of Birth: (Figure 4) Default 1st August for Age rollover.

Address: You have 2 options. 1 is where they live. 2. Postal for Post boxes etc.

City: Type the town or city here. This field has an auto fill feature plus a drop down list to allow for quick auto fill. (Figure 4a)

To add a City scroll to the bottom of the list and select Edit. (Figure 4b),

in the edit value list add the City/Town. Place your cursor above where you would like the City to go and hit enter/return to create a new line and type the City name. (Figure 4c).

(Figure 4a) (Figure 4b) (Figure 4c)

Members: Tick this box if the Contact is a member. (By ticking this box you will be able to print out a list of members in Reports)

Pseudonym: Band or Group Name

Guardian: For Under 18’s If entered by a School or someone legally responsible for the Contestant.


The Action Button is for Duplicating a contact. If you have several members of the same family and you need to only change the First Name you select this button and hit Duplicate Contact. (Figure 5a)

(Figure 5a)

You fill out the appropriate fields. (Figure 5a)

(Figure 5a)

Deleting a Contact: Select the contact you wish to delete and Press Delete. A Popup widow will open and ask “Are you sure you want to delete this contestant” Please note once the contestant is deleted there is no und

New Contestant Help: (Figure 4) button which opens a window with some hints on how to add a contestant.

Events Tab

There are 2 Options for entering an Event (Figure 6)

1. Type in the Event Number

2. Use the drop down list.

Once the event is selected and checked that it is the correct event. Press the Blue + button to add the event and so on. NB You must press the + to add the event not enter or return.

(Figure 6)


Tthe Summary Tab (Figure 7) which gives the details of what the contestant has entered and entry fee price etc.

At the conclusion of the event and after judging a running total of prize money won and placing achieved. (Below)

(Figure 7)

Summary Sheet - Print

At the bottom of the summary sheet is the Print Button (Figure 8) when this is pressed 3 options are presented.

Summary Sheet: Prints out the Summary Sheet with all the contestants details. A4 Size. Other sizes can be configured using the print driver of your operating system.

A4 Labels: Currently set for printing of plain paper using A4. These can be saved as a PDF and emailed to competitors to put on their entries

Labelmaker Labels: This feature is available for a label Printer. Eg: Dymo 450 using large address labels. Other label makers can be configured if required.

(Figure 8)

Click on Contestants the first window on is a list of contestants a search bar, and a plus sign to add a New Contestant..When adding a “New Contestant” this is what appears. If using the Cloud please allow a little time for the contestant to appear.

Do Not keep adding new contestant.

Do a search in the search window “ New” to see if there are any spare “New Contestant” Change these to your contestant name.

The first tab “Info” has the contestants details Name, Address, DOB Etc. Info Tab. is where you put all personal details.

Tutors, Members etc.

Action Tab allows you to add a family member without typing in all the details again.

You can also delete a contact here if a duplicate contact has been added, or the Contact is no longer needed.

By clicking on Actions a popup window appears.

Duplicate contact is a great asset if you have competitors with the same details. E.G. Husband, Wife & Children have the same surname live at the same address you click Duplicate Contact and you will be asked to put in the first name and if required DOB. Please Note if there is two identical names the same the system will let you know that the name already exists. You will have to add a identifier. E.G. Greg Smith from Melbourne and Greg Smith From Wagga. You will have to change one and using their second initial if they have one or if not Greg M Smith for the Greg Smith from Melbourne.

Delete contact is to delete the contact.

NB: Before deleting contact if the contact has been entered in events those events will need to be renumbered (Eisteddfod only)

In the Dropdown window for City you can add Place names so you don’t have to type them in just the first few letters.

To add a Place name use the drop down arrow and scoll down to edit, Click edit and add the Place name to the list where you would like to find it. If you need a line break just add a Enter or Return.

Events Tab

The Events tab is where you enter the events the contestant has entered.

Fist Check that the correct contestant is selected

Next type in the event number or select from the drop down box.

Once the number appears and the event is confirmed press the Plus.

Should you attempt to enter the customer twice in the same event a popup will appear.

NB if using Cloud or WIFI to host the program allow time for the event to register.

Times will vary depending on your internet speed.
If you make a mistake note, the event, as the contestant order will have to be updated.

Competitor number is the order in the event you are entered in the contest. This can be changed (see Events)

Sumary Tab

Summary tab give details of Events Entered, Placing in Event, Wininngs.Entry Fee Total Entry Fee and Total Prizemoney.

Page Summary: This can be handed to the contestant for them ot check their details on entry and to redeem their entries at the end of the show.